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Support supremacy declaration

"Customer's valuable information assets,We will protect you! "


~ SuperlativeAdmin supportAiming to a ~

The Company provides various IT services / cloud services mainly focusing on "cloud infrastructure business" and "file asset lifecycle management business"The underlying concept is the concept of "service industry".It is because the convenience cloud service and the IT service to raise the productivity of business are also "better service" as the user can comfortably use the service.
Therefore, first of all, I would like to aim at the highest level concierge service that can satisfy the IT administrator who becomes our direct window, and declare that I will push it to here!


Customer's problem / task

  • Confirmation and survey to multiple vendors occurred at the time of PC or system failure, response becomes complicated, it takes time to restore, so work is hindered!
  • With fixed support service, do not respond to your request!
  • I contacted support, but I do not know how to do it!
  • I want to consider security, but I do not know what to do with access authority etc.
  • I can not understand the operation of the system, I can not set various settings!
  • Information system personnel are absent, PC or system setup can not be done!I do not know well so I want you to come to the site!

Regarding system operation, management and supportReduce tasks and risks.Please leave it to us!


Features of support

  • Support correspondence based on user's point of view is the basis!
  • In the file server cloud, security-aware support is provided (Granular support such as access authority)
  • There is a team dedicated to customer support, and prompt and appropriate response is possible!
  • Remote control of customer's PC with great support!
  • Unified management is possible by doing vendor inquiry representation and control at our base point!
  • Also supports onsite support on site!
  • Provide support according to customer's request

Message from the responsible person

IT systems used by customers are becoming more convenient, mainly by cloud services. However, on the other hand, it has become increasingly difficult to see the actual state of the virtualized system, and the number of consultations from customers who said that they do not know what is going on and how to cope with them has increased.
We support Cloud Technologies' support team not only for system operation as usual but also for PC clients(Usage User)We carefully support technical support one by one by checking the characteristics of customer system and customer system.
We often hear slogans such as reducing operational costs and improving efficiency, but our support team who keywords "support is not possible without user's point of view" may be daringly going against the times.
However, if it is "people" to use IT services, I would like to continue doing support that takes care of that person's eyes. Even if it is inefficient.
It is a support team with a variety of characters, but I'm happy if more customers can feel supportive support for this service!